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The SSCDT is always accepting enthusiastic and dedicated individuals to join the team in performing in parades, gymkhanas, horse shows and special events. Here's your chance to improve your riding skills while having fun. Horses range from a variety of breeds and colors. The riders range in a variety of ages. The team is a CO-ED equestrian precision drill team that rides in western tack.

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Drill Team Anthem
Written by E. Rusti Quinto

I thought we had it all, my horse and I, with schooling shows and pleasant trails to ride. We felt restless, and a bit unsatisfied.

I longed to find a new sport, one where we could be part of something grander, with a team of those who shared a bright and special dream.

It wasn't long till I found others who agreed we should commit and take the chance that with work and practice and a little art we could turn our love of riding into dance.

That's how Drill Teams are born, and why they thrive. As gaily costumed riders work as one to make the moves and music come alive. To hone our skills, show off and have some fun.

So when you hear the music start to play and the hoofbeats sound as we begin our ride the sparkles on our costumes catch the sun and smiles on our faces shine with pride.